This year I turned 51 and one of the great ironies of my story is that I now experience myself as one of the happiest, most content and emotionally balanced people I meet.

This was not always the case…

There was a time when I couldn’t control my negative thoughts…

Photo by Chris Barbalis

Perfection becomes an -ism and an inner voice when we believe:

“Perfectionism will make me a better person.”

“Perfectionism will force me to do better work”.

“Perfectionism will hide my flaws and keep me from accumulating new ones.”

“Perfectionism will make me seem more virtuous…”


Perfectionism is a…

You want to trust your intuition, follow your own authority and live by your own inner guidance.

But when you venture inside yourself for clarity, you’re confronted by more than one voice.

You might even find a whole chorus clamoring to offer their two cents, now that you asked.


Some days it requires heroic effort to stay positive and on point with your most inspired life.

Traumatic news reports of conflict, chaos and mass tragedies assault our newsfeed each morning.

We can be left wondering if all our seeking and striving will really make any difference in such a…

Amy McTear

Author, Coach, Founder of One True Voice, Certified Neuroptimal® Trainer. Helping you reprogram negative beliefs and align heart, mind & mission.

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